Jenni's Spot 2019

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Jenni's Spot 2019

Alright... we are going to share with all of you some of our trade secrets! We thought it would be fun to give you some of the awesome annual combinations we have concocted over the years. Maggie’s top combination is: Royal Peachey Keen Superbena, Lemon Slice Superbell, Mini Blue Supertunia, Calliope Dark Red Geranium, Hells Bells Red Petunia. How’s that for some Thriller, Spiller, and Filler all in one beautiful BIG container! Moving on to Ms. Shari’s favorite shape combo: Marooned Coleus, Fishnet Stocking Coleus, Purple Showers Ruella, and Raspberry Royale Salvia. Mable’s top pick is: Allure Tangerine Geranium, Lanai Deep Pink Verbena, and Suntory Compact Sky-Blue Lobelia.

If you struggle growing annuals in the summer time let us give you some suggestions. First, the right plant for the right place is most important. For the sun you can’t go wrong with Geraniums, Scaveola, Yellow Superbells, and a Pony Tail Grass. This is a great combo that can take the heat and bloom all summer into the fall. It is most important to put in fresh potting soil every new growing season. Plants will be twice as happy. If you have a really hot windy spot make sure you put larger containers that hold more soil. This will keep the roots from getting super-hot and keep moisture more even. For a shadier spot try our Yellow Bliz Begonia, Lucia Dark Blue Lobelia, and Rockapulco Purple Impatiens and any Coleus of your choosing. Just smashing! Always check soil to see if watering is necessary. If moist to the touch it is good. We like to use Osmocote ™, a slow release fertilizer to gently feed flowers through the summer. In mid-July when summer heats up we start feeding with Miracle Grow ™ once a week. This will keep annuals blooming well into the first frost. If you are growing petunias they are heavy bloomers and feeders, so starting Miracle Grow use in June is recommended.

One more trade secret to share, all of the great garden tools and supplies we use to keep Harmony Nursery blooming and beautiful. We use Preen ™, prevents seeds from germinating, in early April and again in July. This can really cut down on weeding in the garden. We don’t use a lot of chemicals at HN but there are a few that are necessary for us to control the out of control. One is Sedge Ender™. Sedge can be a tricky plant to get out of your garden. This works great. From time to time our hosta can get chewed up which isn’t a very nice look for them. We will wait to see if the slug pressure calls for a treatment of Slug Magic ™. If it does this works with one application. One product that I’ve used for years now is Sucker Stop ™. It works well on trees that have the genetics to sucker a lot. On young trees one application works well. Older established trees may take three to four applications to stop the suckering.

Our tools of choice are Felco Pruners, Wolf Loppers, Dramm Watering Tools, Radius Pro Spade Shovel and of course any good gardening gloves...we have plenty to choose from...even Rose Gloves!

As always, we can’t wait to see you this 2018 season! I hope you have enjoyed reading our Newsletter and have found some new plants, tools, and supplies to try….join us at Harmony Nursery & Daylily Farm

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